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Registering Your LUXTURE
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The model number is located on the center of the caseback.
The serial number is engraved on the bottom edge of the caseback on the 6 o'clock side.

Before using your LUXTURE for the first time, please make sure it is sufficiently charged. Insert the micro USB into the charging dock and plug into a power source. (NOTE: Please only use a high power USB computer port or a powered USB hub to charge the device. VELDT is not liable for damage caused by insufficient power sources. ) Place your LUXTURE on top of the dock. A blue light will flash on the dock when the watch is charging. The blue light will become steady when the watch is fully charged. *If the battery is at 0%, you may need to press and hold the B button after placing the watch on the charging dock. The blue light on the dock will flash when charging begins.

VELDT LUXTURE works with devices running Android OS 7 or higher, iOS 10+ and above.
Supported features may vary across platforms. LUXTURE is Bluetooth® enabled with 5 Low Energy.

The app has been tested with the following smartphones(As of April 1st, 2019)

Model Function Screen Size Others
iPhone Compatible with All LUXTURE Models
iPad Compatible with All LUXTURE Models
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compatible with All LUXTURE Models
Samsung Galaxy S9 Compatible with All LUXTURE Models

For iPad and tablet users: the app is not optimized for iPad and tablets, but it should work normally on most devices.

This product complies with the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification / CE marking / FCC certification.
Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
Google, Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by VELDT Inc. is under license.


Connecting Your Watch to the VELDT LUXTURE app
Setup requires connection to a smartphone with cellular data service or Wi-Fi connection.

Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
Search "VELDT" on your smartphone's app store and download the “VELDT LUXTURE” app.
With your watch powered ON, follow further app instructions to create your profile and begin using your LUXTURE.

The LUXTURE app must be active on your phone to make full use of the smartwatch functions.

When wearing your LUXTURE, we recommend keeping the connected device on the same side of your body as the wrist to which your LUXTURE is fitted.


Case Material: Stainless Steel / Sapphire Glass / Color Glass (Back) Case Diameter: 38mm
Case Thickness: 12.4 mm
Display: RGB LED x 24
Water Resistance: 5 bar
Movement Type: Quartz (Built-In Button Cell Battery, Estimated 2-Year Life) Non-Movement Battery: Lithium Polymer (Estimated 3 Days Life per Full Charge)
Sensors: Accelerometer, Light Sensor, UV Sensor
Charging: Wireless Charging (Magnetic Charging Cable with USB Power Adapter included) Compatibility: iOS 10+ and Android OS 7+
Connectivity: Bluetooth® wireless technology (Low Energy 5 Ready)
Warranty: One-Year
Limited: Made in Japan

Power ON: Press and hold B button (when watch is OFF). A blue light will encircle the bezel clockwise
Power OFF: Press and hold A button. While holding the A button, press the B button 3 times. A blue light will appear and disappear, circling the bezel counter-clockwise.
Pairing: Press and hold B button (when watch is ON and Bluetooth on the compatible device is enabled).
Silent mode ON: Press and hold A + B buttons. An orange light will appear and disappear on the right side, moving counter-clockwise from 6 to 12.
Silent mode OFF: Press either A or B to turn off silent mode. An orange light will move clockwise from 12 to 6.
Check Battery Level: Press and hold A. The watch will flash one of the following colors 3 times: More than 50% Battery = Blue ・25-50% = Yellow・Less than 25% = Red

Single click / Double click
Set click functions via app.

⟐ CROWN Time set

Single click / Double click
Set click functions via app.



You can personalize your watch through the LUXTURE app. Explore the app to find features that fit you.

LUXTURE is a Riiiver-enabled product. Riiiver is a service that enables users to create new forms of experience by connecting to IoT-enabled devices and a wide range of services. For more information, please visit:


While using the product basic precautions should be followed including:

⟐ Follow staff instructions regarding use of wireless technology in places such as hospitals and airplanes.
Do not use the product near high-precision instruments or electronic devices that operate on weak signals.

⟐ If you use a medical device, consult your physician regarding the safety and use of this product with your device. If you notice any abnormalities, stop using it immediately and contact your physician.

⟐ The product may cause itchiness or irritation to your skin due to rust, dirt, or sweat on the case or strap. If you are allergic to metal or leather, or if you notice any abnormalities, stop using it immediately and contact your physician.

⟐ Do not use the product while operating a vehicle.

⟐ Do not disassemble or modify the product.

⟐ Do not drop, throw, or deliver any intense shock to the device. In addition to damage to the exterior and the strap, abnormalities in function and performance may occur.

⟐ Do not use the product while skin diving, mixed-gas diving, or air diving.。

⟐ Avoid using the product while showering, applying tap water to the product under high pressure, or submerging the product.

⟐ Avoid exposure to extreme external elements, such as heat (over 45ºC / 113ºF) or cold (below -10ºC / 14ºF). Do not leave this product in places that are prone to high temperatures, such as a car dashboard or a place directly under the sun.

⟐ Small parts used in this product may be a choking hazard. Keep out of children’s reach.

⟐ When holding an infant, remove the product from your wrist in advance to prevent injuries and accidents.

⟐ To charge this product, use the charger that comes with it in the box or that is officially sold by VELDT. Do not use this charger to charge devices manufactured by other companies.

⟐ Please follow your local regulations when recycling or disposing of this product.

⟐ VELDT does not warrant any loss of data or malfunction in other devices during use of the product.


Wipe off moisture such as dirt and sweat on the case and glass with a soft cloth.
The color of the leather strap may fade due to dirt or sweat. Keep it clean by wiping with a dry cloth.
The leather strap can deteriorate due to sweat and dirt. It is made of natural materials and may deteriorate over time due to wear, deformation and discoloration. Replace it regularly.
Make sure that the leather strap is not exposed to substances that contain volatile chemicals, bleach, or alcohol (such as cosmetics). It may cause discoloration or early deterioration. Ultraviolet rays such as direct sunlight can also cause discoloration and deformation.
For a leather strap watch, it is recommended that you remove it when using water even if the watch itself is water resistant.
Keep the watch dry. In the event the watch gets wet, dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth, and dry the surface located on the back side of your watch before attaching it to the charging dock.
When the built-in battery can no longer power the watch, request battery replacement service promptly. Do not attempt to replace the battery on your own, or by an unauthorized technician.


How can I download the LUXTURE app?

⟐ iOS Users:
Go to the App Store® and type "LUXTURE" in the search bar, then download and install the application.

⟐ Android Users:
In the Google PlayTM store, search for “LUXTURE”, then download and install the application

⟐ How can I find the model number?
The model number is located on the center of the caseback.

⟐ How can I find the serial number?
The serial number is engraved on the bottom edge of the caseback on the 6 o’clock side.

⟐ What languages does LUXTURE currently support?
LUXTURE is currently available in English and Japanese.


⟐ Is LUXTURE waterproof?
LUXTURE is water resistant to 5 bars, meaning it is safe to wash your hands or do the dishes with LUXTURE on your wrist. However, avoid showering or applying tap water to it under high pressure.

⟐ Does LUXTURE have a vibration feature?
Yes, the watch has 3 different vibration patterns. You can choose a different pattern for each notification.

⟐ How long is the warranty?
The warranty period is one year from the date of the original product purchase at a retail store, or one year from the ship date from an authorized online store. Depending on the failure, VELDT may deem necessary for the product be replaced instead of repairing the product. If the exact model is no longer available, a replacement of equal value and similar style will be provided.

For more information about the warranty visit

⟐ How long does the battery last?
Battery life is approximately 3 days for normal use. Battery life will vary according to use time.

⟐ How does LUXTURE connect to my smartphone?
LUXTURE connects to your smartphone using BluetoothTM Low Energy 5.

⟐ What is the range of the connection with a smartphone?
It is approximately 2 to 3 meters without any obstructions. Please note the Bluetooth connection between the devices can be interrupted due to obstruction and interference. To avoid temporary disruption, the smartwatch and connected device should be placed in close range and clear of obstruction. When wearing your LUXTURE, we recommend keeping the connected device on the same side of your body as the wrist on which your LUXTURE is fitted.

⟐ Can you change the watch strap?
Of course! LUXTURE straps are interchangeable. You can switch one with all standard 20mm straps, depending on your mood, special occasion, or season!
Check out all compatible 20mm watch straps.

⟐ What features does LUXTURE have to offer?
LUXTURE has the following features:
Text / Call / Email / Social Media notifications
App Alerts
Weather Forecast
Calendar Alerts
UV Alerts
Seasonal Allergy Alert
Moon Phases
Wave Level
Activity Track
Multiple Time Zones
Remember Now
Street Art Cities
Pomodoro Timer
You can get creative and create your own features in the Riiiver store!
Visit for more details.

⟐ Can I get notifications from Line, Facebook and other social media sites?
Yes. You can customize and select the important notifications and alerts you want to receive using the LUXTURE app.

⟐ Can I make phone calls through LUXTURE?
No, the watch does not have this feature.

⟐ Can I still use the same LUXTURE watch if I change phones?
Yes, of course! Download the LUXTURE app to your new device and log in to your user account.

⟐ Can I select the LED color on LUXTURE?
We encourage you to personalize the lights! You can select from 13 different colors for each notification and alert.


Please refer to VELDT Privacy Policy to see how your personal data is being used.

Your LUXTURE has a 1-year limited warranty. Please read VELDT warranty

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