Lights, rather than Words

For thousands of years, our ancestors understood time by following the movement of shadows as the sun made its way across the sky. Then, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the idea of time became more tangible, more precise, as it was able to be tracked by precision machines. This change affected peoples’ lives, bringing what used to be seen as a day into focus down to the minute. Now, arriving at the internet era, time has become just one piece of information on a screen full of data. Ironically, with so much information presented to us in a single view, it takes more time to find and absorb the information that matters to us most. LUXTURE aims to help you take back that lost time with a new smart element that allows you to define what information should be presented, only when you want it presented, using “Lights, rather than Words.”

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Life Tech Rebalance

VELDT's mission is "Life Tech Rebalance.” Our aim is to help you pull back from the negative aspects of the internet and make technology work for the real world and real life. Spend your time exploring, discovering new possibilities by making positive choices for yourself, your society, and the global environment. The "VELDT LUXTURE" smartwatch, which deliberately reduces the amount of information and conveys only important information that you define, has a symbolic meaning. Combining "infinite possibilities of walking with light" and "the future of luxury,” we coined the word LUXTURE. To enrich every minute of your irreplaceable time, VELDT offers new luxury for the internet era.

Bringing global warming and
environmental information
closer to everyone

Bringing global warming and environmental information closer to everyone. LUXTURE has unique features that use light and motion to help bring awareness of changing climate conditions on Earth. LUXTURE’s Ecostats function displays changes in today’s local daily temperature and CO2 levels versus those of ten years ago with a set of color changing LED’s that sit recessed under the bezel that dynamically change color, bathing the watch face in a sea of light, and that’s just the beginning. The lights can be customized to show air quality at your registered location, moon phases, wave levels at your favorite beach, and so much more. As beautiful as the presentation of data is, we want to make sure that we walk the walk as well. That’s why our manufacturing process focuses on sourcing as much of the smartwatch as possible, including the circuit module at its heart, from environment-friendly factories. And finally, 1% of LUXTURE's online sales go directly to highly vetted environmental nonprofit organizations through our partnership with “1% for the Planet


VELDT is a Tokyo and San Francisco-based consumer technology company that develops IoT products, services, software, and data analytics technologies. Technological innovations combined with our ability to be continuously connected with each other have brought an unprecedented level of convenience, but both that convenience comes new social and environmental problems. VELDT doesn't seek to innovate technology so much as innovate the way we interact with technology, creating positive upward spirals for human society and the global environment.