Frequently Asked Questions

⟐ I don't live in the United States or Japan. Can I still buy VELDT products?
Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world where it is legal to ship our products.

⟐ I don't speak Japanese, but I live in Japan. Should I buy a watch from your English store or try to navigate your Japanese store?
Please use whichever store you are more comfortable navigating. We manage inventory and shipping based on your shipping address, not your language.

⟐How can I download the LUXTURE app?

⟐ iOS Users:
Go to the App Store® and type "LUXTURE" in the search bar, then download and install the application.

⟐ Android Users:
In the Google PlayTM store, search for “LUXTURE”, then download and install the application

⟐ Why isn't the account I used to buy the watch on this site working in the app?
If you made an account for this online shopping site, please note that this account is separate from the the VELDT account you will use in our apps.

⟐ How can I find the model number?
The model number is located on the center of the caseback.

⟐ How can I find the serial number?
The serial number is engraved on the bottom edge of the caseback on the 6 o’clock side.

⟐ What languages does LUXTURE currently support?
LUXTURE is currently available in English and Japanese.


⟐ Is LUXTURE waterproof?
LUXTURE is water resistant to 5 bars, meaning it is safe to wash your hands or do the dishes with LUXTURE on your wrist. However, avoid showering or applying tap water to it under high pressure.

⟐ Does LUXTURE have a vibration feature?
Yes, the watch has 3 different vibration patterns. You can choose a different pattern for each notification.

⟐ How long is the warranty?
The warranty period is one year from the date of the original product purchase at a retail store, or one year from the ship date from an authorized online store. Depending on the failure, VELDT may deem necessary for the product be replaced instead of repairing the product. If the exact model is no longer available, a replacement of equal value and similar style will be provided.

For more information about the warranty visit

⟐ How long does the battery last?
Your VELDT watch actually has 2 batteries: 1 that controls the traditional watch movement, and 1 that controls the smartwatch functions. The built-in quartz battery that controls traditional watch movement has an estimated 2 years of battery life. The lithium polymer battery that controls the smartwatch functions is estimated to last for 3 days per charge under normal use conditions, and can be recharged via the provided charger. Battery life will vary depending on how much you use your LUXTURE each day.

⟐ How does LUXTURE connect to my smartphone?
LUXTURE connects to your smartphone using BluetoothTM Low Energy 5.

⟐ What is the range of the connection with a smartphone?
It is approximately 2 to 3 meters without any obstructions. Please note the Bluetooth connection between the devices can be interrupted due to obstruction and interference. To avoid temporary disruption, the smartwatch and connected device should be placed in close range and clear of obstruction. When wearing your LUXTURE, we recommend keeping the connected device on the same side of your body as the wrist on which your LUXTURE is fitted.

⟐ Can you change the watch strap?
Of course! LUXTURE straps are interchangeable. You can switch one with all standard 20mm straps, depending on your mood, special occasion, or season!
Check out all compatible 20mm watch straps.

⟐ What features does LUXTURE have to offer?
LUXTURE has the following features:
Text / Call / Email / Social Media notifications
App Alerts
Weather Forecast
Calendar Alerts
UV Alerts
Seasonal Allergy Alert
Moon Phases
Wave Level
Activity Track
Multiple Time Zones
Remember Now
Street Art Cities
Pomodoro Timer
You can get creative and create your own features in the Riiiver store!
For more details visit : Riiiver.com

⟐ Can I get notifications from Line, Facebook and other social media sites?
Yes. You can customize and select the important notifications and alerts you want to receive using the LUXTURE app.

⟐ Can I make phone calls through LUXTURE?
No, the watch does not have this feature.

⟐ Can I still use the same LUXTURE watch if I change phones?
Yes, of course! Download the LUXTURE app to your new device and log in to your user account.

⟐ Can I select the LED color on LUXTURE?
We encourage you to personalize the lights! You can select from 13 different colors for each notification and alert.